Top 4 Fastest Growing STR Spots

With the rising interest in short-term rentals, more and more individuals are joining the trend to cater to the travel demand fueled by platforms such as Airbnb and other online travel agencies (OTAs). In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of the top cities that not only offer exciting travel experiences but also present promising opportunities for hosting that can translate into substantial earnings

1. Chicago’s Urban Opportunity: 

Chicago, known as “The Windy City,” boasts iconic landmarks like the Magnificent Mile and Lake Michigan’s shoreline. With its allure as a tourist destination, Airbnb presents an excellent avenue for supplementary income. In 2022, Chicago’s hosts collectively earned over $140 million, with the average host making approximately $18,500. Among these hosts, Jacob, a real estate agent, stands out for his commitment to showcasing Chicago’s greatness through hosting.

2. Denver’s Host Success Story: 

Denver, aptly named “The Mile High City,” offers a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and explorers. With myriad attractions, it’s a prime locale for Airbnb hosts. In the previous year, Denver’s hosts garnered more than $115 million in earnings, with an average host income exceeding $18,000. Aleah, a host and Telluride Film Festival employee, personifies Denver’s unique spirit by curating a thoughtfully designed space that merges comfort and creativity.

3. San Diego’s Coastal Opportunity: 

Dubbed “America’s Finest City,” San Diego’s pristine beaches and superb climate make it a coveted destination. This affluence of attractions translates into a thriving platform for potential Airbnb hosts. In 2022, San Diego’s hosts reaped over $350 million, with the typical host earning upwards of $20,000. Among the newcomers, Emma and Jordan, who reside just blocks from the beach, are making their mark by offsetting their mortgage payments through hosting.

4. Los Angeles’ Unique Hosting Scene: 

Los Angeles, renowned as “The City of Angels,” captivates with its diverse offerings, from amusement parks to cultural landmarks. Hosting in this dynamic city presents lucrative possibilities. Last year, LA’s Airbnb hosts collectively earned more than $375 million, and the average host made over $24,000. Alissa, an entrepreneurial host, leverages Airbnb to generate passive income while sharing the enchanting Hollywood Hills locale with others.

The accounts shared by hosts in cities such as Chicago, Denver, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Sevierville truly highlight the vibrant essence of Airbnb hosting and the exceptional journeys it facilitates. Ranging from real estate agents to entrepreneurs, each host contributes a unique touch to the collaborative economy. As these urban centers buzz with prospects for hosts and adventurers alike, Airbnb’s platform seamlessly connects the dots between the urge to explore and the desire for supplementary earnings, resulting in a harmonious blend within the contemporary hospitality landscape.

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